Best 4 Mobile Apps for TOEFL Test Preparation

Nowadays internet services are provided by different type of apps that will help them to know different things so that they can prepare for different types of tests. The mobile apps have provided different apps related to different fields so that the mankind can get new apps as their interest and need. You are also provided with different subject and preparation apps that will help you to know more about what you are learning or planning to learn. So if you are planning you check your English as well as to apply for abroad study TOEFL test (Test of English as a Foreign Language) will be one of the best options.

It has its own syllabus as well as its own marking scheme. You can get different apps that will help you to know more about TOEFL and also help you to go through different practice and learning that will be necessary if you have the plan to do TOEFL Exam. IF you go through these apps and practice the vocabulary as well as the instruction given in the apps you will surely make good marks in your examination of TOEFL test.

Best Apps for TOEFL Test

  • TOEFL IBT Preparation

One of the widely used apps of TOEFL that covers vocabulary for all the area of TOEFL test. It has a clear and distinct explanation of each and every word that you need to know for TOEFL. It also provides you the audio playback facility as well as multiple choice question followed by group choice test as well.

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  • TOEFL Flashcards

This app contains more than 1500 pre-made flashcards for your vocabulary and reading skills. You can also have the pleasure to create your own flashcard, slideshows and learn for TOEFL preparation in more effective manner.

  • TOEFL Dictionary

One of the widely used applications of TOEFL that enable us to enrich our vocabulary. It functions as a dictionary with many pictures and these pictures will help you to visually memorize and remember the meaning of those words that you are learning. Along with the image, these words are explained in written form as well.

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  • TOEFL Essay

This app contains more than 60 different essays on different topics which will enhance your writing skill and will help you to score more in your TOEFL test. It also will help you to improve your English vocabulary. It also gives you the idea what kind and style of language you are advised or supposed to used in TOEFL writing test. It will make TOEFL learning more efficient.

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