Apply online Application form for Driving License in Nepal

Nepal is a developing country. The new invention of new technologies in the world made the country to crawl towards the online system for the public services. The online services make the work faster, efficient and smarter. Recently the government has started online driving license registration with the official name electronic driving license and vehicle registration system. In the main cities, it has also distributed the smart card in replacement of license.

online Application form for Driving License in Nepal

The department of transport management has launched the online driving license registration from December 25, 2016. If you want to fill the application form for a driving license, you can browse to the link:

If you want to get the driving license you the submit the application form online and check the written exam dates too. Download the form fill it and submit online.

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Limitations of Online Driving License Registration System

There are some restrictions for online driving license registration system. Currently, the system only supports or available for the two-wheelers (Scooter, Motorbike, and Moped). The system will be shortly available for four wheelers, bulldozers, and heavy vehicles outside of the Kathmandu valley too.

Another limitation of the system is that the online license application system only accepts 500 applications in a day. Although the system is for the time being if you are in a hurry and you form more than of 500 applicants it displays the message online registration limitation exceeded for today!! Kindly visit tomorrow for online registration.

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For the vehicle now it is the compulsion to pass the SLC exam, it is the minimum qualification beside this the written test and vehicle trail exam are the other tests that you must pass to secure the license.

Once you submit the application, you will receive the unique reference number with the written exam dates for the permit.

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Smart Driving License in Nepal

Online system makes any matters efficient. The system is also hassled free no need to stand in a long queue to submit the application. The smart driving license will also manage the previous records of the driving so it may be very useful for the traffic managers to point out the details of the drivers. The system is also heading to make the government office paperless. Although the system has faced some problems since December 18, 2015, as first it was launched; let’s welcome the system for the betterment and managing the license system.

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