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Everyone wishes to have a good job. People are engaged in national to international sectors, Dubai has been the dream destination for the professional as well as for new job seekers. Dubai offers the luxurious European lifestyle and it also seems the good career growth in the Dubai so the people are attracted here. Here we listed the top 10 highest paid jobs, you can go through the article and plan on growing your career with the high paying jobs in Dubai. In The economic center of the world, Dubai had been the best choice for the bankers and the UK professionals.


1. Chief marketing officers

The main work of Chief marketing officers is to improve the brand and to handle the marketing operations. In the terms of salary, the CMO jobs are the most demanding and the highest paying jobs in Dubai.

To be qualified for the job you must have a university degree in Marketing. the monthly average salary for the jobs is Dh 95,000 including the allowance.

2. Accounting, finance professionals

If you have a fresh university degree then you can apply for the Accounting, Finance Professionals. The opening of international organizations in Dubai made the demand of the professionals.

The Chief financial officers hold the important role to make trusted strategic of an organization, so the jobs are demanding as well as highest paying jobs. The average monthly of the CFO is Dh 55,000 to Dh 90,000 including the allowances.

3. Lawyers

Legal issues appear in every matter, So for every business and matter, they must hire legal officers. The increment of business homes in Dubai has the high demand for legal Chief legal officers to deal with all legal contractual issues.

For the job, you must have the law degree and minimum 87 years experience. The monthly income Job is Dh60,000 to Dh106,000 including the allowances.

4. Doctors

Doctor Jobs are highly demanded jobs in Dubai. Specialist neurologists, vascular surgeons, child psychiatrists/psychologists, heads of obstetrics and gynecology are mostly demanded here.

Tor the jobs you must have to be highly qualified with the experience of minimum 8 years. The average salary of the doctors is up to Dh180,000 including allowances and commission.

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5. Bankers

The bank is the investors, The loans by the banks depend upon the potential investments. The Banks has the important role in the growth of Dubai.

The banking jobs are highly demanded with the large scale of salary. The average income of a banker is Dh63,750 to Dh77,500 including the allowances.

6. IT managers

The involving of the IT leads towards the development. The technology changes the infrastructure of the certain place.

To fit for the IT managers jobs you must have at least bachelor degree in Computer IT, update in latest technical matters and at least 10 years experience in related field.

The average monthly income of the It manager is Dh50,000 to Dh80,000 including all the allowances.

7. Pilots

Dubai holds many airports including 3 international airports. Not only in Dubai all over the gulf the aviation industry is growing faster.

To apply for the job you must have the valid license which meets with International Civil Aviation Organization requirements. The average monthly average income of the pilot is Dh52,500.

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8. Restaurant general managers

The restaurant is the most necessary and most demanded places in the cities. To well manage the restaurants, General Managers have the important roles.

To apply for the post you must have some background in finance. The monthly average payout for the restaurant General Manager is Dh 50000 to Dh 70,000.


To manage the clients effectively most of the companies hire for the Public Relations Managing Director. They identify and manage the special events, brand promotion etc. The monthly payout for the Public Relations Managing Director is AED 85,000 – 100,000 monthly.

10. Civil engineers

A Civil Engineer in Dubai earns an average salary of AED 101,800 per year. The increase of the development had made the skills workers, engineers also a demand in Dubai.

The design, construction, and maintenance are going on here. For a professional engineer, they are offered AED 101,800 per year.

Dubai has been the business hub, World top class business companies have been operating their services from the Dubai. Dubai has been one of the top destinations for career seekers, you can also get one of the highest paid jobs in Dubai and tend towards the good career.

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