Everest Bank – Network and Branches of Everest Bank

Everest bank was established in 1994 AD with the motive to provide services to the people.The Bank has been catering its services to various segments of the society and country and also has been one of the leading banks of the Nepal. Everest Bank Limited enables customers for operational and cash transactions from any branches because it provides customer-friendly services through its wide Network connected from ABBS system.

This bank Everest bank main head office or Corporate Rep office is in EBL House, Lazimpat and its post box number is 13384 Kathmandu, Nepal and telephone number is 00977-1-4443377 and Email: ebl@mos.com.np SWIFT: EVBLNPKA. This bank is spread more with its 60 branches all over Nepal. This bank has 90 ATM counters, 25 revenue collection counters & 6 extension counter across the country.

This bank has also get awards. Everest Bank Limited has got 2013 Award from ‘ASIAN PAINT NEW BIZ’ as the “Best Managed Commercial Bank”. This bank was also awarded the “NICCI Excellence award” by Nepal India chamber of commerce for its spectacular performance under finance sector of the bank. By the Banker, a publication of financial times, London conferred this bank as “Bank of the year 2006, Nepal”.

This bank deposit money from customers as a current deposit, fixed deposit, recurring deposit account, FCY deposit account, Retirement plan account and saving the deposit. You can deposit fixed money up to anytime. It also provides the services of cards like a debit card, credit card, and ATM card services for money withdraw from the ATM machine which is provided by a bank. From the ATM machine also customers can only draw 16 thousand at once and 5o thousand in a day.

This bank also provides the locker system also to the customers to put their jewelry, for the save. It also provides loan as a Home loan, Auto loan, Educational loan, Personal loan, vehicles loan, share loan, trade loan, project finance, and loan Against Fixed deposit receipt and customer’s loan also. This bank also provides e-banking services to its customers. In e-Banking services, it includes DP-online, i-Banking and i-Banking Login, SMS Banking, and Utility bill payment services to the customers. Banks also helps in the development of the nation agriculturally, industrially & corporately.

This bank put its shares in development works like hydropower, trade, industries and other sectors also. This bank EBL(Everest Bank Limited) is the first bank that has launched e-ticketing system in Nepal from that day customers can buy yeti airlines ticket through internet. This bank also introduces online payment method of PSTN/NCELL/Mobile/ADSL bill or from the counter too.

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Everest Bank Branches in Kathmandu Valley

1. Bagbazar Branch
Padmakanya Campus Road, Bagbazar, Kathmandu
Phone: 01-4242712, 4247262
Fax: 01-4242713
Email: bagbazar@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Jagadish Karki
Email: jagadish.karki@ebl.com.np

2. Bagdol Branch
Bagdol, Lalitpur, Nepal
Phone: 015524066
Fax: 01-5548620
Email: bagdol@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Ms. Deepa Budhathoki
Email: deepa.budhathoki@ebl.com.np

3. Balaju Branch
Nayabazar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 977-1-4380381, 4380301
Fax: 977-1-4358986
Email: ebl_blj@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Bibhuti Neupane
Email: bibhuti.neupane@ebl.com.np

4. Baneshwor Main Branch
Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 977-1-4780018 (hunting)
Fax: 977-1-4781025
Branch Manager: Mr. Harish Kumar Acharya
Email: harish.acharya@ebl.com.np

5. Bhaktapur Branch
Pandu Bazaar Chowk, Suryabinayak,Bhaktapur
Phone: 977-1-5092061,5092151
Fax: 977-1-5092412
Email: eblbkt@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Ms. Manita Rayamajhi
Email: manita.rayamajhi@ebl.com.np

6. Chabahil Branch
Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 977-1-4464895, 977-1-4475680
Fax: 977-1-4464914
Email: eblchab@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Sudhir Gautam
Email: sudhir.gautam@ebl.com.np

7. Golfutar Branch
Golfutar, Kathmandu
Phone: 977-1-4650793, 4379705
Fax: 977-1-4374917
Email: eblgol@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Ms. Heera Shakya
Email: heera.shakya@ebl.com.np

8. Gongabu Branch
Samakhusi Chowk, Gongabu, Kathmandu
Phone: 977-01-4363076
Fax: 977-01-4363077
Branch Manager: Mr. Chhitij Parajuli
Email: chhitij.parajuli@ebl.com.np

9. Gwarko Branch
Gwarko, Kathmandu , Nepal
Phone: 977-1-5540348
Fax: 977-1-5539066
Email: eblgwk@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Ms. Kalpana Pandey
Email: kalpana.pandey@ebl.com.np

10. Jorpati Branch
Gokarneshwor Municipality -13, Kathmandu
Phone: 01-4914935
Fax: 01-4915183
Email: jorpati@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Puspa Raj Upreti
Email: puspa.upreti@ebl.com.np

11. Kalimati Branch
Kalimati, Kathmandu (On the way to Soaltee mode)
Phone: 977-1-4278556, 4278557
Fax: 977-1-4283897
Email: eblklmt@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Sumit Kumar Amatya
Email: sumit.amatya@ebl.com.np

12. Kirtipur Branch
Naya Bazzar, Kirtipur, Kathmandu
Phone: +977-1-4336423, 4336424
Fax: +977-1-4336425
Email: eblkrt@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Anil Niroula
Email: anil.niroula@ebl.com.np

13. Lagankhel Branch
Lagankhel Bus Park, Lagankhel, Lalitpur
Phone: 977-1-5551470, 977-1-5551471
Fax: 977-1-5551472
Email: ebl_lgkl@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Lava Kuikel
Email: lava.kuikel@ebl.com.np

14. Lazimpat Branch
EBL House, Lazimpat,Kathmandu , Nepal
Phone: 977-1-4443377(hunting)
Fax: 977-1-4443160
Email: ebllaz@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Satish Pratap Singh
Email: satish.singh@ebl.com.np

15. Maitidevi Branch
Maitidevi, Near Seto Pul,Kathmandu
Phone: 977-1-4445172, 4445173
Fax: 977-1-4445175
Email: eblmtd@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Dhruba Pd. Acharya
Email: dhruba.acharya@ebl.com.np

16. New Road Branch
Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 977-1-4245782/84,4222230
Fax: 977-1-4245779
Email: eblnr@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Ms. Anju Sharma
Email: anju@ebl.com.np

17. Pulchowk Branch
Lalitpur, Nepal
Phone: 977-1-5549738, 5549739
Fax: 977-1-5549736
Email: eblpul@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Ms. Sarita.K.C
Email: sarita.kc@ebl.com.np

18. Satdobato Branch
Satdobato -19, Lalitpur, Nepal
Phone: 01-5151820
Fax: 01-5151831
Email: satdobato@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Suraj Bhakta Shrestha
Email: surajbhakta.shrestha@ebl.com.np

19. Satungal Branch
Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 977-1-4311080 / 4313573
Fax: 977-1-4310272
Email: eblsat@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Swalid Sthapit
Email: swalid.sthapit@ebl.com.np

20. Teku Branch
Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 977-1-4242333, 4230642
Fax: 977-1-4247009
Email: ebltk@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Raju Gauli
Email: raju.gauli@ebl.com.np

20. Thamel Branch
A One Business Complex, First Floor, Thamel, Kathmandu
Phone: +977-1-4433037/4436117
Fax: +977-1-4435530
Email: eblthml@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Ms. Sami Joshi
Email: sami.joshi@ebl.com.np

Everest Bank Outside Valley Branches

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22. Attarira Branch
Attariya, Kailali
Phone: 091-550007
Fax: 091-550080
Email: attariya@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Bipin Raj Ojha
Email: bipin.ojha@ebl.com.np

23. Baglung Branch
Aawa Road, Baglung, Nepal
Phone: 977-68-522185, 522186
Fax: 977-68-522187
Email: ebl_bgl@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Sunil Raj Khanal
Email: sunil.khanal@ebl.com.np

24. Bajhang Branch
Jayaprithivi Municipality-01, Chainpur -04, Bajhang
Phone: 092-421398
Fax: 092-421397
Email: bajhang@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Mukunda Bhandari
Email: mukunda.bhandari@ebl.com.np

25. Besisahar Branch
Besishahar, Lamjung, Nepal
Phone: 977-66-520771
Fax: 977-66-520772
Email: eblbeshi@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Suvaraj Kaphle
Email: suvaraj.kafle@ebl.com.np

26. Bhairahawa Branch
Prahari Tole, Siddhartha Nagar Bhairahawa, Nepal , Rupendehi
Phone: 977-71-527360
Fax: 977-527361
Email: eblbhw@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Bhaskar Poudel
Email: bhaskar.poudel@ebl.com.np

27. Bhojpur Branch
Bhojpur VDC Ward No. 03, Dandagaun, Bhojpur
Phone: 029-420721
Fax: 029-420722
Email: bhojpur@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Ramesh Shakya
Email: ramesh.shakya@ebl.com.np

28. Biratnagar Branch
Mangala Devi Super Market Hanuman Das Road, Biratnagar Morang, Nepal
Phone: 977-21-530528, 527645
Fax: 977-21-530527
Email: eblbrt@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Janak Chapagain
Email: janak.chapagain@ebl.com.np

29. Birgunj Branch
Adarshanagar, BirgunjParsa , Nepal
Phone: 977-51-527163, 523048
Fax: 977-51-527164
Email: eblbrj@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Pranay Pradhan
Email: pranay.pradhan@ebl.com.np

30. Birtamod Branch
Sanischare Road, Jhapa, Nepal
Phone: 977-23-543805
Fax: 977-23-545650
Email: ebl_btm@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Sunil Giri
Email: sunil.giri@ebl.com.np

31. Butwal Branch
Malli Complex, B.P. Chowk, Butwal, Rupendehi , Nepal
Phone: 977-71-543661, 545661
Fax: 977-71-543662
Email: eblbtw@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Ram Hari Acharya
Email: ramhari.acharya@ebl.com.np

32. Chandranigahapur Branch
Gaur Road, Chandranigahapur-1, Rautahat
Phone: 977-55-540642
Fax: 977-55-540690
Branch Manager: Mr. Anant Bhusan Pradhan
Email: ananta.bhusan@ebl.com.np

33. Chandrauta Branch
Chandrauta, Kapilvastu
Phone: 076-540446
Fax: 076-540447
Email: chandrauta@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Binod Aryal
Email: binod.aryal@ebl.com.np

34. Damak Branch
Damak Municipality Ward No. 8, Jhapa
Phone: 023 – 585956
Fax: 023 – 585957
Email: damak@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Krishna Prasad Acharya
Email: krishna.acharya@ebl.com.np

35. Dhading Branch
Nilkantha VDC Ward No. 05, Bich Bazar, Dhading
Phone: 010-520631
Fax: 010-520443
Email: dhading@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Rajeeb Dhar Shrestha
Email: rajiv.dhar@ebl.com.np

36. Dhangadi Branch
Dhangadhi, Kailali ,Nepal
Phone: 977-91-523641, 523642
Fax: 977-91-523643
Email: ebldhn@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Yagya Pd Timilsina
Email: yagya.timilsina@ebl.com.np

37. Duhabi Branch
Duhabi, Sunsari , Nepal
Phone: 977-25-540628, 540625
Fax: 977-25-540627
Email: eblduh@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Binaya Pd. Upadhaya
Email: binay.upadhya@ebl.com.np

38. Gorkha Branch
Shakti Chowk, Gorkha Bazar, Gorkha
Phone: 064-420414, 420414
Fax: 064-421558
Email: gorkha@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Chandra Bdr Gurung
Email: chandra.gurung@ebl.com.np

39. Gulariya Branch
Narayangopal Chowk, Gulariya, Bardiya
Phone: 084-420038
Fax: 084-420039
Branch Manager: Mr. Nirmal Khanal
Email: nirmal.khanal@ebl.com.np

40. Hetauda Branch
Bank Road, Hetauda, Makawanpur
Phone: 057-527003
Fax: 057-527004
Email: hetauda@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Sagun Nepal
Email: sagun.nepal@ebl.com.np

41. ICD (Dry Port)
Birgunj Branch Parsa, Nepal
Phone: 977-51-590013, 527825
Fax: 977-51-590014
Email: eblicd@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Prashant Bikram Khadgi
Email: prashant.khadgi@ebl.com.np

42. Itahari Branch
Itahari, Sunsari, Nepal
Phone: 977-25-586411
Fax: 977-25-586412
Email: eblith@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Krishna Kr. Karn
Email: krishna.karn@ebl.com.np

43. Janakpur Branch
Mills Area, Janakpur Dhanusa , Nepal
Phone: 977-41-525855
Fax: 977-41-525361
Email: ebljnk@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Nar bahadur Rawal
Email: nb.rawal@ebl.com.np

44. Khandbari Branch
BudTole -01, Khandbari Municipality
Phone: 029-561121
Fax: 029-561131
Email: khandbari@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Bikash Giri
Email: bikash.giri@ebl.com.np

45. Kohalpur Branch
Kohalpur-3, Banke
Phone: 081-541816
Fax: 081- 541815
Email: kohalpur@ebl.com.np
Mobile: Mr. Subash Budhathoki
Email: subash.budathoki@ebl.com.np

46. Krishnanagar Branch
Krishnanagar VDC, Ward No. 2Krishnanagar BazarKapilvastu DistrictLumbini Zone
Phone: 076 – 520428
Fax: 076 – 520429
Email: krishnanagar@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Suman Rimal
Email: suman.rimal@ebl.com.np

47. Kushma Branch
Shahid Chowk, Kushma Bazzar Parbat
Phone: 977-67-421173
Fax: 977-67-421169
Email: eblkus@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Suman Raj Shrestha
Email: suman.shrestha@ebl.com.np

48. Lamahi Branch
Chaulahi VDC -02, Lamahi
Phone: 082-540802
Fax: 082-540801
Email: lamahi@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Mahesh Pyakurel
Email: mahesh.pyakurel@ebl.com.np

49. Lekhnath Branch
Taal Chowk , Lekhnath , Kaski
Phone: 977-61-560777
Fax: 977-61-560977
Email: ebl_lekh@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Buddhi Pd Tiwari
Email: buddhi.tiwari@ebl.com.np

50. Lumbini Branch
Lumbini Cultural Municipality -16,Rupandehi
Phone: 071-580297
Fax: 071 – 580298
Email: lumbini@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Shanti Sharma
Email: shanti.sharma@ebl.com.np

51. Mahendranagar Branch
Kanchanpur, Bhimdutta Nagar -18, Mahendranagar
Phone: 099-525389
Fax: 099-525388
Email: mahendranagar@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Shankar Ghimire
Email: shankar.ghimire@ebl.com.np

52. Narayangarh Branch
Shahidpath, Narayangarh, Chitwan, Nepal
Phone: 977-56-521465
Fax: 977-1-520465
Email: eblngd@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Prabhat R. Upreti
Email: prabhat.upreti@ebl.com.np

53. Nepalgunj Branch
Surkhet Road, Dhamboji, banke
Phone: 977-081-525804, 525805
Fax: 977-081-525902
Email: ebl_npj@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Ram Bharos Yadav
Email: rb.yadav@ebl.com.np

54. Pokhara Branch
New Road, Pokhara , Nepal , Kaski
Phone: 977-61-541491, 550291
Fax: 977-61-541492
Email: eblpok@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Arun Sharma Poudel
Email: arun.sharma@ebl.com.np

55. Rajbiraj Branch
Tribhuwan Chowk Road , Saptari
Phone: 977-031-523570
Fax: 977-031-523571
Branch Manager: Mr. Shashank Koirala
Email: shashank.koirala@ebl.com.np

56. Rukum Branch
Musikot – 01, Rukum
Phone: 088-530337
Fax: 088-530337
Email: rukum@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. ShyamPandit
Email: shyam.pandit@ebl.com.np

57. Sandhikharka Branch
Sandhikharka MCP-02, Arghakhanchi
Phone: 077-420801
Fax: 077-420802
Email: eblsandhi@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Ujjwal K.C
Email: ujjwal.kc@ebl.com.np

58. Simara Branch
Simara Chowk, Simara, Bara , Nepal
Phone: 977-53-520506
Fax: 977-53-520616
Email: eblsim@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Nabin Pandit Chhetri
Email: nabin.chhetri@ebl.com.np

59. SinghaDurbar Branch
SinghaDurbar, Kathmandu
Branch Manager: Mr. Ram Raja Uprety
Email: rr.upreti@ebl.com.np

60. Sukkhad Branch
Ghodaghodi Municipality ward no. 1, Sukhad, Kailali
Phone: 091-403224
Fax: 091-403225
Email: sukkhad@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Rajesh Adhikari
Email: ramesh.adhikari@ebl.com.np

61. Surkhet Branch
Birendra Chowk, Surkhet
Phone: 977-83-523552
Fax: 977-83-523553
Email: eblsur@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Bikrant Sharma
Email: bikrant.sharma@ebl.com.np

62. Syangja Branch
Sahidchowk, Putalibazar, Syanjha
Phone: 063-421174
Fax: 063-421175
Email: syangja@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Rojal Shrestha
Email: rojal.shrestha@ebl.com.np

63. Taulihawa Branch
Purano Haat Bazzar, Taulihawa, Kapilvastu
Phone: 076-561148
Fax: 076-561149
Email: ebltauli@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Bishnu Paudel
Email: bishnu.paudel@ebl.com.np

64. Tikapur Branch
Khakraula Road, Tikapur, ward no-9, Block No 13
Phone: 091-561357
Fax: 091-561358
Email: tikapur@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Sandip Sapkota
Email: sandip.sapkota@ebl.com.np

65. Tulsipur Branch
BP Chowk, Tulsipur, Dang
Phone: 977-82-521620
Fax: 977-82-521621
Email: ebltul@ebl.com.np
Branch Manager: Mr. Mahesh Pd. Sharma
Email: mahesh.sharma@ebl.com.np

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