How popular is Tinder in Nepal?

With technology ready to go in the palm of your hands, searching for anything has become easier, agreeably even a soul mate. Dating apps have come to rise lately since this decade. Singles have been hopping on to the sites expecting either to have fun or to find a soul mate seriously. While the idea of dating apps is useful and common these days, it is still doubted by many. Good old fashioned meets and greets have been a thing of the past since the use of applications has rolled over. Dating apps have been popping up like wild mushrooms since 2017, and among them all, Tinder has taken the lead.

Now there are over 1500 dating apps or websites that have been gently drawing single men and women to find their match. Online matchmaking has now gained some momentum after some good testimonials. It is noteworthy to know that once an untapped market, Online dating industry has been making a milestone in revenue collection through the spending power of the millennial.

What is Tinder?

It is an active online dating application which has drawn in most of the romantics from around the globe and mostly in the United States. Launched in September 2012, it is now available in more than 196 countries and in 30 languages. At present Tinder has a wonderful market reach with over 50 million users.

How popular is Tinder?

As per the statistics, an average tinder use activates the app 11 times per day, showing the popularity and craze for Tinder. On a daily basis, Tinder receives around 1.6 billion swipes and 20 billion matches. Also, in a day tinder has about 10 million active users, among which 38% are females, and 62% are males.  It is mostly known to be famous in the United States as it is also dubbed as the most tinder obsessed country.

While the online dating industry market size has been constantly and rapidly growing in the western world, the same cannot quite be said for the eastern side. More notably, developing countries that have a slow growth of technology have yet to excavate this side of the internet.

Tinder is definitely available in Nepal and is being used actively. Although in a slow pace, Tinder and other dating apps and sites are being used in counties like Nepal.

How popular is Tinder in Nepal?

It is estimated that there are around 91 % of social media users on Facebook in Nepal at the present age. Fun fact is Nepalese are not just looking to register in apps like facebook, twitter, youtube, and LinkedIn, but also dating apps like Tinder. It is gaining popularity in college students as well as adults. Whiles some see for connections, friendships, others look for serious relationships. It has become trendy among youths.

However, since it is still associated to the internet culture, users who actively use it refrain from accepting and confirming it since they do not want their relatives and parents to know their involvement in a dating app. Most of the users are known to be located mostly in Kathmandu city and Pokhara.

Tinder has clearly not reached other areas in the far west or east since many are not even familiar with the term. It is expected that in the next decade to come, relationships, and dating will be somewhat acceptable on a certain level in the Nepalese society.

In a recent survey done by The Annapurna Express, only 26% of those participants aged 20-32 were active users in Tinder indicating that Tinder is still at a domicile phase in the Nepali market compared to other social media sites.

Tinder makes it easier for LGBTIQ group to find matches. Unlike Facebook and other social media sites, people are more open about their relation orientation in Tinder. While Tinder might not be that much useful for the straight singles, it is finitely easier for gay and lesbians in Nepal to find people interested in having a relationship easily.

There are many other online dating apps and websites. Some that fall on the most famous list are Grindr, Bumble, eHarmony, and However, Tinder has the highest users among them all. Some of the other online dating sites that are acclaimed in Nepal is Asian Dating and Badoo. Despite the similarity of these sites, Tinder is still at the leaderboard.

What are people looking for on Tinder?

There has been a lot of talk about the impact of dating apps. While some consider them to be positively impactful, others feel that it has been taking over the true feeling of love. It is argued that Tinder has been breeding online dating since most of the users are not looking for anything serious.

Many of the users claim that they have simply been recommended by their friends to try out the app. After some futile tries of looking for the perfect match, some simply start looking for new friends. They simply like to start conversing with a new person.

The right swipe on Tinder from bothe parties means that there is a mutual attraction towards each other, which makes the communication and flirting a lot easier. As LinkedIn for professional discussion, Tinder for dating makes the communication centered to the subject at hand.

Some Tinder matched are also known to have been successful after the users meet and connect with each other on a personal level. Some users are actively looking for long term relationships and possibly marriage through Tinder in Nepal. However, since Tinder is not a matrimonial site, it is difficult to say that one would find their soul mate for life.

Safety issues with Tinder

There are many safety issues with Tinder, mostly in countries abroad. More recently in July 2019, a woman who was an active tinder user was found murdered in Omaha, Nebraska after having a ‘rough relation fantasy’ Tinder date as stated by

Stories like these often scare the public from physically meeting each other. Some suggest using judgment before hopping on to a tinder date since dating apps are not really considered to be safe. As stated by, around 53.3% of women active on Tinder prefer to match with men who have good looking facial structure and body.

This being said, some fake profiles are most likely to lure innocent teens who fantasize a romantic relationship and are attracted to a certain standard of the physique. Moreover, most Nepali men and women do not really like to go out of their comfort zone and take risks in regards to dating.

Thus, they prefer to simply swipe left and right and have a chat rather than physically meeting the person. Some users have shared that after finding the match interesting enough, they send facebook requests and turn on to facebook to continue chatting.


In conclusion, it can be easily said that in a country with a population of 28 million and where the society is still not acceptant about dating and premarital relationships, social media sites like Facebook, messenger, and Instagram serve the purpose of finding new connects. At the moment, Tinder is only popular among the college students and youngsters of cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara.

However, in the years to come, it can be seen reaching the phones of many youths and adults.

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