NTC Cheap call – 70 Paisa per minutes, How to use it?

Nepal Telecom is the leading telecommunication company in Nepal. Mostly the users prefer the NTC due to the wide Network and friendly attachment to the users. The NTC is providing Cellular Mobile, PSTN, ISDN, CDMA, and ADSL service to its valued customers. As per it official website, it is the first Operator to provide 3G Service in South Asia. Recently from Kartik 25, 2073 it had reduced its call charges for its users. Typing a simple message the users can enjoy the low rates (NTC Cheap call) within the network.

How to use NTC Cheap call?

This service is known as ‘F and F’ service which stands for friends and family. The users can choose up to 5 NTC numbers to call at the low rate. (70 Paisa per minutes)

To active this service type FNFSUB*MDN in your message and send it to 1415. Here F and F stands for friends and family, SUB stands for subscribing and MDN means for the number within the NTC network.

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For Prepaid users

  • To add a number in the list type FNFSUB*Number in your message box and send it to 1415.
  • To replace in FNF service type FNFMOD*old Number*New number in your message box and send it to 1415.
  • To delete the number from the list type FNFDEL*Number and send it to 1415.
  • To know the numbers in the list type FNFINQ in your message box and send it to 1415.

For the GSM postpaid

The Friends and family scheme already existed for GSM postpaid. They were allowed to add only 3 numbers on their list. Now onwards they can add more 2 numbers. To add 5 numbers in the list the users must go to the message box and type the five numbers in this format and send it to 1400.

Required format: FNF<space><number1><space><number2><space><number3><space><number4><space><number5> 1400.

Activate the service and enjoy the low rates (NTC Cheap call) for calling to your friend and family.

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