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Talking about the chords, they carry great effort to make a song melodious and musical so different types of chords are used in song to add different flavors. In Nepali songs also there are different types of chords used. In order to know which chords are used in songs, there are the different application available for smartphones these days. Well talking about the best Nepali Songs chord application there are few interesting applications.

Best Apps for Nepali Songs Chord

  • Chordpedia: Nepali Songs Chord

In order to know which chords are used in particular song, this Chordpedia will help the user without any problem. This app is about songs and chords to play by the user on guitar. Chordpedia was specially programmed for a beginner as well as intermediate level guitar players. It has the collection of rock, modern, pop, classical songs that you would like to play on your guitar. This application provides the user with the features such as the list of songs and easy chord that can be used. Also, songs details are provided with used chords and lyrics of the songs.

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  • Lyrics & Chords: Nepali

Another app is lyrics and chords which are used by most of the guitar players in Nepal. Talking about the feature provides by this app firstly we are provided with the lyrics of song and chords linked with each and every lyric with beating and strumming pattern which will help the user to play the song easily. Although this app is only for Nepali songs it also shows the diagram of chords and the tutorial of the guitar lesson if needed. This app also features easy search songs mode, swipe to change the song and pinch to zoom feature to focus on the chords that are used.

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  • Chords Nepal

If you are quietly interested on recent hit songs and want to play the guitar by analyzing the guitar chords diagrams this app is the best app for you. This app provides you more than 400 chords and you can easily learn, practice and play your favorite song anytime, anywhere you like. The list of popular songs is included in this app and you can also look for the latest released song with their chords. It also includes the use of fingers that should be placed on fret board to form a particular chord. You can also access to your favorite songs and their chords without internet service.

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