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Traveling is the kind of activity, which almost all the people love. Some people take traveling as an opportunity to relax and abstract from everyday busy life for refreshment and enjoyment with their special and nearest ones. For others, it is interesting to observe the way people of other cultures and mentally enjoy with them in order to show interest in their society and culture.  The rich history of India which upgrades its beauty, along with its cultural and geographical diversity makes its international tourism appeal large and diverse. In order to know about them, all let us have a look at the most visited and visit places in India, where people from all over the world flow into, in order to spend their exotic vacation with their friends and families.

Best visit places in India

Explore the of most amazing and artistic Ghats in Banaras

One of the oldest city in the world, Banaras is so artistic that it paints the spiritual picture of India. The Beauty of ghats, the aartis, prays, worshiping style, a boat ride along the most beautiful bank could surely refresh the visitor’s mind and soul.

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Don’t forget to add “The Taj Mahal in Agra” in your visit list

One of the 7th Wonder of the World Taj Mahal of Agra which is the most visited city in India, since it is home to one of the greatest love chapter and the story to lovers. The walls of Taj are filled with the symbol of love which has an epic love story behind it.

Visit Golden Temple in Amritsar

While you are making a busy schedule for your visit don’t forget to visit this spiritual getaway that promises the nourishment of your inner soul. you will be amazed to spend some time in the India’s largest kitchen. An experience of doing so is simply worth it.

Goa and its outstanding beach

Goa attracts in about 90% of tourist of all by its beautiful beaches in Coastal Areas. In the winter season, the tourist from all around the world especially come and visit to enjoy the splendid climate and in summer time tourist from all across India (internal tourist) comes to spend their vacation with their beloved ones.

Darjeeling and its natural beauty

Darjeeling is another beautiful place of top visit places in India which is the most famous place which is renowned for its natural beauty and scenario, its clean fresh mountain blow of air and the dazzling and twinkling faces of residential peoples for whom it is a home. The mountains dazzle and awake with a tentative and direct peeking of the sun which makes Darjeeling’ best gift to its’ visitors as well as to the country too.

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