Send Money to Nepal With Best Rates

Are you looking to send money to Nepal at the best rates? Most transfer sites charge a huge amount of money in the middle, and your rates of sending money to Nepal decreases considerably because of the fact. We have listed down a number of sites which will allow you to send money to Nepal at the best rates possible. To send money to Nepal with the best rates, fuse the sites mentioned below.

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Best ways to Send Money to Nepal

  1. Prabhu Online

Prabhu online is one of the best ways to send money to Nepal with the best rates possible. It is a safe and legal way to send money to Nepal. The exchange rates mentioned are the exact rates that you will obtain. For transactions over 2000 dollars, you will get free transaction capabilities. The guaranteed exchange rate of Prabhu Online for 1000 dollars is Rs. 100,340. The transfer fee for 1000 dollars is 5 USD.

Send Money to Nepal

Prabhu Money Transfer is a licensed company approved by the State of New York and there are 9 branches of the company in the US. It has tie-ups with Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, China, UAE, Qatar, Bangladesh, and Russia. It is one of the most favored and efficient South Asian money transfer service available worldwide.

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  1. Muncha

Muncha is another of the best sites to send money to Nepal with the best rates. The site takes lower commission rates and the service is free on all transactions. It is a legalized and safe way to send money to Nepal easily. The first transaction that you make on Muncha is always free.

Send Money to Nepal through Muncha

The exchange rate mentioned is guaranteed and there are no hidden fees. The customer service of is 24 * 7 so you don’t have to worry about time. You can send money to Nepal from all 50 US states. For a 1000 USD transfer, the receiver will; obtain Rs. 100,070. The transfer fee for the first transaction is free.

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  1. Thamel Remit

Thamel Remit is another site which is used to send money to Nepal with the best rates. Thamel Remit guarantees zero fees and is a safe and secure way to wire money to Nepal. it works first by registering the user, which is verified instantly. You will then have to link your bank account too and provide your e-banking credentials.

Transfter Money to Nepal ThamelRemit

After this, and the recipient and the receiving bank account, finally you can directly send money to Nepal at the best rates. All in all, Thamel Remit offers you the best capabilities of sending money to Nepal. When you send USD 1000 to Nepal, the receiver will obtain Rs. 100,070. No transfer fees are taken by Thamel Remit.

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  1. Lucky Money

To send money to Nepal at the best rates, you can use Lucky Money. Lucky Money offers the lowest fees and has the fastest delivery system. The company has been working for over 25 years and is a trusted company. To send money, you first pick a country and amount to be sent.

You can select from the list of countries which are available after this you will select the recipient and the delivery method to be used to send money. Finally, you can transfer the money with ease tas the company has been trusted over 25 years. Enjoy the best rates and earn rewards as your transfer the money.

send money to nepal Lucky Money

When you send 1000 USD to Nepal, the receiver will obtain Rs. 100,080/-. When you pay with the bank, the fees required are USD 4.99. When you pay by debit or credit card, then the fees required is USD 33. Your credit card company may charge additional fees.

  1. MoneyGram

MoneyGram is another one of the best ways to send money to Nepal at the best rates. It is a safe and secure method to send money to Nepal. When you send the amount of USD 1000 to Nepal, the receiver will obtain the amount of Rs. 100,069.20.

send money to nepal through moneygram

The fee incurred depends on the method of transaction. If you are sending the money through a US checking amount, the fee incurred is USD 25. If you send the money through Credit/ Debit card, then you will have to send the amount of USD 81.

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