Yonder Music App – Stream 20 Million Nepali and International Songs for Free

Ncell has now a collaboration with American Music Service Company named as Yonder Music Inc. and has introduced a free music streaming application, ‘Yonder Music Nepal’. It is mainly for the ncell users and they can easily and freely download the unlimited features provided by this music app. Yonder Music Nepal application has to be signed in with your Gmail or Facebook account. This music app provides the feature which will help us to access unlimited Nepali and International songs on their mobile phone for free. This app is commercial free as well which won’t hamper your phone and will help to run the app more easily and fluently. Although the services are more you have to use your data in order to run the music streaming service.

Yonder Music for free is now the first mobile app on-demand streaming service that lets the user listen to their heart and their passionate singer. The main headline of the app is to HEAR IT. SING IT. SHARE IT! It is introduced as a free music streaming application that will let the listener listen to about 20 million Nepali and International songs which are available in the apps song library. The user can listen to the songs of his demand and mood without any problem. It has also the service of adding the songs to the offline list by downloading it as per the user demand.

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There are many features provided by Yonder music app. Firstly it has an extended library containing about more than 200000 songs. The songs are categorized according to highlighting new, popular, local and international content. Secondly, it allows the user to record their own voice and share them with friends. It will help them to increase their vocal strength. Thirdly it will also help the user to understand the singer and get closer to their favorite local and international artists with access to contests, concerts, and their lifestyles. Lastly, it helps the user to make their own playlist of their favorite songs, artists, and album and listen to them when they like according to their mood.

Some other additional and Interesting Features of Yonder Music App are:

  • The user can listen to different songs from their database as well.
  • The user is allowed to record their voice and listen to it back when need with voice recording app.
  • Helps the user to create their own best or favorite playlist.
  • Provide the service through which the user can have access to over 20 million songs and they can download the songs as well as their demand.

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Update: No more Yonder Music App available in app store. 

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