Top 6 Insurance Companies All Around The World

The word insurance makes an easy way to do many kinds of risky works and the risky situation where risk means a sudden accident, unnecessary sickness, being the victim of fire and other natural disasters too. This may cause the huge financial loss as well as a lot of pain too. Insurance is the process in order of being prepared for the worst. It gives us the security and security that our economic part of the plan will be taken care properly. In this following article, you can have a glance on top 6 insurance companies all around the world which is listed below by meeting many criteria such as market capitalization, geographical area, premium collection, profit and so on. The following list is based on a number of factors and the insurance companies are not arranged in any particular order:

Top Insurance Companies:

1) Zurich Insurance Group

Headquartered: Switzerland as Global Insurance Company.
Founded: Founded in 1872 by Zurich group
Operated Countries: This insurance company is operated in about 170 countries all around the world.
Employee Number: Employee strength of over 55,000
Aim: Provide insurance products, services, global life, farmer insurance and much other general insurances too.
Total revenues in 2015 were $60.568 billion.

2. AXA

Headquartered: Paris
Founded: 1817
Operated Countries: almost in 77 countries
Aim: The company acquired the non-life insurance operations
Customer: 102 million
Employee: 157,000
Revenues of the financial year 2015 were €99 billion.

3) China Life Insurance

Headquartered: China
Founded: 1949 as People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC) but named as China Life Insurance in 1999
Countries: many but well known in China as the biggest public life insurance company in terms of market capitalization in the world.
Work: life insurance, pension plans, asset management, pension plans, property and casualty, investment holdings, overseas operations and much more.

4. Prudential plc (PUK)

Headquartered: United Kingdom
Founded: 1848
Operated Countries: 77 and more.
Customer: 24 million customers across Asia, the U.S., the U.K and most recently Africa too.
Employee: 22,308 employees worldwide
It has an assets under management worth £509 billion till date.

5 Munich Re Group

Headquartered: Germany
Founded: 1848
Operated Countries: 30 countries, with the focus on Asia and Europe.
Customer: 65 million people
Employee: 45,000 employees worldwide
Profit: Munich Re Group reported a profit of €3.1 billion in 2015.

6 Assicurazioni Generali S.P.A.

Headquartered: Italy
Founded: 1831 as the Assicurazioni Generali Group’s parent company.
Operated Countries: more than 60 countries
Customer: 65 million people worldwide
Employee: Group has 77,000 employees
Work: Provides equally diverse range of products, such as coverage of car, home, accident, and health, along with coverage of commercial and industrial risk and much more. pressure on the cerebellum.

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