Sweatcoin – The Best App That Pays You to Get Fit

What better way to work out and get fit than to get money for your sweat. Sweatcoin pays you to get fit. Created by Sweatco Ltd, this Health and Fitness app is a cool idea to gain some money and stay fit. This new breed of activity tracker app pays digital currency to move and exercise.

The app basically pays you money to stay fit, and it costs nothing to use. The Sweatcoin app rewards people for the number of steps they take per day. You are naturally walking anyhow, so what better way to utilize this fact and exercise more, and gain some money in return. Sweatcoin pays to get fit, and it is a good reason to start exercising and sweating more.

Sweatcoin Pays You to Get Fit

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If you need an incentive to exercise, Sweatcoin is the best solution. It will give you a much-needed boost for a better and active life.

The basic idea behind the app is to convert your steps into Sweat coin, which is essentially a digital currency. The digital currency can then be used to spend on gadgets like sports kit, fitness training and much more. Thesweatcoins can be used on goods, services, and experiences of vendor partners. You can also donate it to charity or exchange them with friends or family.

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Move more and become healthier with Sweatcoin. Sweatcoin pays you to get fit and is a perfect motivation to start getting healthier.  The new release has introduced some pretty cool features like tracking screen animation, adding verification algorithm and a list of actions that can help you collect coins faster.

Download the app now and start living a healthier life. Track your steps, increase your motivation to work out and use this cool app to earn money. Happy Sweatcoining to your friends and family!! Download app for Play Store & iTunes.

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