Stop Using Mobile before Going to Bed

Using MobileYou must have a habit of using mobile before going to bed. What if a new email came in! What if someone has messaged in Facebook chat! What is happening on Twitter? And at last, what about setting up alarm? For these purposes, one uses mobile.

Why it’s bad to use mobile before bed?

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  • Using mobiles for hours will kill your time and it starts to become night. You will not have adequate sleeping hours. Psychiatrists tell that if one does not sleep for adequate hours, its effect starts appearing in brain functioning.
  • Watching on screens for a longer time will make your eyes alert. When eyes get entertain, the user also starts getting excited and until the use, the mind should also stay alerted.
  • Sleeping means giving rest to cells who work continuously for hours. If your cells do not get rest, toxic like poison starts producing and its effect is visible in the mind.

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  • Generally, people require sleep of around 7 to 9 hours. If one sleeps for lesser than that, one starts being unable to focus on a particular thing, starts forgetting more and has a problem in concentration. One even looks unhealthy.
  • If you are planning to sleep at 10 pm, stop using mobile at 9. The mind will get enough time to prepare to go to rest and the effect of the digital domain will be lessened.

Business Insider has prepared a video where mental health professor Dr. Daniel Siegel talks about similar things. Watch out the video.

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