How to Recover Deleted Files From Pen Drive, Memory Card

One of the best and comfortable ways for sharing file is using the Pen drives. It’s portable so it has been so good means of sharing files and documents. While using the pen drives we can lose the files due to many reasons like unknowingly delete the files over there, sometimes we may lose the data’s due to the virus attack or we may format the drive.  If we Google about the recovery options we may find many recovery applications over the internet. Most of the application doesn’t work at all, some of them are found paid versions and some of them only makes the load to our device. If you have also lost the data and searching the good recovery tool then quick recovery application is the best option for recover deleted files. With the help of the app, you can get back all the files for free and efficiency.

How to Recover Deleted Files?

It is the best option to recover deleted files for Pen Drive or memory card. This software recovers all the deleted files, lost documents, and formatted data’s from the pen drive. Beside this, you can withdraw data back due to logical errors, virus attacks. If you once use the software you will find the application best to hell the problems with your Pen drive. It recovers the data by following these 3 logical steps:

  1. Evaluation
  2. Analysis and
  3. Recovery

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Evaluation the software identifies the Pen drive and displays it in its list. In the second step 2 Analysis mode, the software constructs the link to deleted files/folders to recover the documents finally in the last logical step 3 Recovery mode, the recovery process gets initiated.

The unique Features of this utility are :

  • Effectively Recovers the deleted Partition
  • Recovers missing/lost/formatted partitions data although FAT/MFT is broken
  • Complete & authentic data recovery tool
  • Competently performs cloning pen drives with bad sectors
  • Highly Performs absolute data restoration
  • Easily recognizes the drives of the device even boot record and meta tags of the drive is missing or not present
  • Perfectly recovers files folders or data from the logical drives
  • Bad Sector can be easily manage
  • User-friendly
  • Supports the file system supported: – FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS
  • compatible with :Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, XP

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The best data recovery application Quick Recovery software supports The Following Data Media beside pen drive: mini and micro SD, XD picture card, MMC card, Jump drive, Smart media, Memory stick, Thumb drive, Compact flash card, Smart card, USB drives etc.

Why use Quick Recovery for Pen Drive Application ?

Quick Recovery for Pen Drive Application is the easiest and the best application to get back the data. This application works with Guided File Excavation Technology so it’s one of the reliable application in the software world.

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