Why Is Nutrition Important For The Body?

The food you choose each day directly concerns with your health. Good nutrition plays the important role in leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activities the balanced diet that you have taken helps to remain healthy. It also helps to decrease the risk of chronic diseases. The proper amount of nutrients needed for our body is the balanced diet. The proper amount of nutrients in food helps the man to be healthy. The nutrients can mainly divide into 6 categories; they are protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins, and Minerals. The right amount of Nutrition reduces the risk of illness in our body. It is not only required for man but also for all the living beings. You must know why is Nutrition Important for the human body?

Why is Nutrition Important?

Nutrition is a foundation for development

The world can divide into two categories in terms of Nutrients. High-income countries and low-income countries. The countries like USA, Canada, France, Japan they are countries with high income the health cost seems too low in these countries whereas the under developing countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh have high health cost rate due to malnutrition. So, the nutrition has the effect in the economic and social development. So Nutrition is the foundation of development for every country. So, Nutrition Important is everywhere.

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To achieve the goals of the nations

Only a healthy person can help in the development of the nation. To achieve the development goal the person must be healthy. Nutrition is the most necessary element in food for economic, social, cultural development of the nation.

Good nutrition is a human right

It is the right of an every human to get good nutrition. Arranging the food for Nutrition is a matter concern of state or country. The under development countries mainly suffer from Malnutrition. The government must be Concern about nutrients for the overall development of the citizen.

Nutrition is ever more important in the light of the recent financial and food price crises:

The development becomes the victims of the financial and food price crises, At this time the main children and the pregnant women suffer from mal-nutrient.

Undernutrition has negative effects:

The developing countries mainly face the problem of undernutrition. This increase the social as well as health cost. Maternal and Child Nutrition are the current challenges for the developing countries like Nepal.

Only a country cannot concern about the area of food and nutrition, the individual, organizational and institutional also must suggest the government about the area of food and nutrition for the betterment of the nation.

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