Why You Should Never Sleep With Your Head in the North

You have probably heard the saying from old people. It is believed that sleeping with the head faced in the north direction is not right. There are a lot of reasons why you should never sleep with your head in the north. Practices of yoga, the working of the body, as well as the magnetic flux of the earth play an important role in shaping your body as you sleep. Hence, mentioned below are some reasons why you should never sleep with your head in the north.

Never sleep with your head in the north! Why?

  1. Body’s working mechanism

Many people perceive that their heart is present halfway down their bodies. However, it can also be stated that the heart is placed three-fourth on the way up, and pumping blood down is easier than pumping blood upwards.

Blood vessels in the upper areas of the body are more complex than those down below. Sleeping with head in the north, in the direction of increased gravity, can cause hemorrhages to occur on the upper side of the body. This can lead to dullness, lowered IQ, and concentration problems.

  1. The magnetic field of the earth

Another reason why you should never sleep with your head in the north is that of the effect of the magnetic fields of the earth.

The magnetic poles of the earth are engineered. The powerful forces of magnetism are present all through the geography of the planet. When in a horizontal position, the pulse of the body decreases.

Head placed in the north can result in the magnetic pull of the brain to cause irritation, agitation, hypertension, and a decrease in brain function. Sleeping in such a position regularly can have long-term effects.

Now that you know the reasons why you should not sleep with your head in the north, it is time to figure out what lifestyle choices should be taken in order to reverse bad effects and ensure good health.

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Which direction should you sleep in?

The most preferred direction to sleep in in the east, northeast, west, and south are also suitable directions to place the head in.

if you are in the northern hemisphere, avoid placing your head in the north. If you are in the southern hemisphere, do not sleep with your head placed in the south.

How to get up from bed in the morning?

The heart is the most important part of your body. Since the heart is placed on the left side of the body, ancient people suggest that when waking up, you should roll over to the right side of your body before getting out of bed.

It is also believed that you should not get up suddenly but opt for a gradual awakening. To decrease pressure in your cardiac system, do not wake up fast, as there is a surge of activity on the body.

How to activate body and the brain for daily work?

Rub your hands together and place the palms over your eyes, in order to activate your brain and body.

Hands are known to have a high concentration of nerve endings that get activated instantly when you rub them.

If you still feel drowsy or sleepy, fold your palms for a few minutes and your bodily senses will come alive.

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