Nepali Land Measurement System | Kattha to Aana

Nepal is a small country by geographical but its measurement process is huge from place to place. As different regions have different cultures, traditions, lifestyles, and languages, similarly, different places in Nepal have a different system of measurement with different local units to measure length and area of land. Nepal Bureau of Standards & Metrology (NBSM) is the National Standards Body of Nepal which regulates and standardize the units of measurement in Nepal. NBSM is one of the departments under the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Industry. Here is the best tool to measure/convert Nepali land.

Nepali Land Measurement

Nepali Land Measurement Converter Tool is a simple tool to Convert Nepali Land measurement units into different local and international Units and SI Units. The SI units for measuring an area in square meters or m².

There are many systems applied for measuring lands in Nepal. Especially, there are mainly two methods popular in Nepal which are used in the hilly and Terai region of Nepal. Sometimes, international standard units like FPS or MKS or SI units are also used to measure land areas and length.

In the Hilly region and capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, the area of land is calculated on the following basis that are Daam, Paisa, Aana, Ropani unit whereas in the Terai region, the land areas are calculated in Bigha, Kattha, and Dhur. Due to these different methods of measurement in Nepal, it causes inconvenience to many people.

Lots of People in Nepal face problems while converting units from the Hilly region measurement system to the Terai region measurement system. To let people get rid of this inconvenience, we have provided an online tool to convert different units into local, SI and international units. You can also convert larger units into smaller units of measurement and many more. This tool is a simple software developed for land measurement unit conversion. With the help of this tool, you can easily convert different units from the Hilly measuring system to Terai measuring system and Vice versa and much more.

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Units of Area Calculation in Nepal

In Nepal, the old measurement system or the customary units of measurement is still used in the Hilly region. But since 1968, the metric system has been the official standard for land measurement in Nepal.

In Nepal, the popular units of land measurement are Aana, Kattha, Bigha, Ropani, Dhur, etc. And in different cities of the Terai region of Nepal like in Dhangadhi, Butwal, Bhairahawa, Nepalgunj, Biratnagar, etc Haat, Kattha, bigha, etc units of land measurement are much popular. As the Kathmandu valley is also in the hilly region, the old system of land measurements, as well as the international system of measurement, are used. The units of measurements used in Kathmandu Valley are Aana, Ropani and square foot, etc.

The capital city, Kathmandu, has Aana as the most popular unit of measurement. But in other regions of Nepal, the Dhur and Kattha system is most popular.

Nepali Land Local measurement system for Length

The area measurement system used for land in Terai regions is completely different from hilly regions. Katha, Bigha, and Dhur systems are mainly used in the Terai region. On the other hand, Ropani, Aana, Daam and paisa systems are used in mountainous regions.

So, we have collected the list of units that are helpful to calculate land area in Nepal. We have tried to cover almost all commonly used measurement units of Nepal.

As different units are used for measuring the area, there are also different local units for measuring the length of land in Nepal. In Nepal, Gaj, Kosh or Grout, Dand, Janjeer, Haat, Yojan, Bitta, Dhanurmushti, etc are used for measuring length.

1 Gaj is equivalent to 0.9144m, and 1 yard. Whereas, 1 Kosh is equivalent to 480 Danda, 3.218 KM, and 2.25 mile.

Similarly, 1 Janjeer is equivalent to 9 Haat. 1 Daanda is equivalent to 4 Haat. 1 Haat is equivalent to 2 Bitta. And, 1 Bitta is equivalent to 18 Angul.

The names of units of length in the Nepali language are derived from different body parts and objects that used to be used by people in ancient times for measurement. The Unit angel means Finger, Bitta means Palm, Haat means hand, Dhanur means bow, etc terms were used. These terms also make sense in conversion as 1 Haat is equaled to 2 Bitta which can be calculated using the arm as 2 Bitta, which is twice the palm from joint of the arm to the tip of the finger.

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Some Length Measurement Units Conversion:

Here are some conversions of length into different units of length:

  • 1 Bitta = 18 Angul
  • 1 Haat = 2 Bitta
  • 1 Danda = 4 Haat
  • 1 Janjir = 9 Haat
  • 1 Kosh = 480 Danda
  • 1 Kosh = 3.218 Km
  • 1 Kosh = 2 Mile
  • 1 Gaj = 0.9144 M
  • 1 Gaj = 1 Yard

How to measure land area?

If anyone is buying or selling land, it becomes a necessity to measure the land area, while doing the land business. As we all know, Square meters or square feet are the international standard measuring units for land. But in Nepal, different places have different land measuring systems or units. The metric system or the international standard system (SI Units) is seldom used officially in measuring the area of land in Nepal.

Units of Land Measurement in Nepal fully depends on which part of the region you live in or region from where you are buying or selling the land. Ropani-Aana or Old measurement system is common in the Hilly and as well as Mountainous regions of Nepal. Measurement Unit Of Nepal varies from place to place and city to city. In a metro city like Kathmandu, units are also measured in sq. ft. If you are buying land from housing property or Commercial space for leasing, then it’s quite common to hear sq. ft for land area.

Usually, land in the Terai region is measured with different standard units of land measurement and the mountainous region has another standard unit. Land in Terai are measured in Kunuwa, Dhur, Kattha, and Bigha but in the hilly region, standard units of measurement are Daam, Paisa, Aana, and Ropani. These are the most popularly used units of measurements in respective regions of Nepal for measuring land area. To give you basic knowledge of different units used in Nepal, we have provided you with a table for Area Conversion featuring different units used in Nepal.

Bigha, a traditional unit of measurement of the area of land which is commonly used in Nepal, Bangladesh and in a number of states of India, including Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Assam, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. But this unit is not used in southern states of India like Karnataka, Kerala, etc.

Note: The Unit Bigha or 1 Bigha in India is not the same in square meters with 1 Bigha of Nepal. As there is no “standard” size of bigha in Nepal and India or Bangladesh. The size of a bigha varies considerably from place to place and country to country. Bigha is calculated differently in different areas or regions of South Asia through the name is common. Same is for Kattha or Katta or Biswa, there is also no international standards for these units. They may vary region to region.

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Quick Conversion of 1 Bigha to Other Units

 The Bigha-Kattha system of land measurement is mostly used in the Terai region.

  • How many Kattha equals 1 Bigha? (Bigha to Kattha)
    -1 Bigha = 20 Kattha
  • How much meter square equals 1 bigha? (Bigha to Square meter)
    -1 Bigha = 6772.63 m²
  • How much square foot equals 1 bigha? (Bigha to Square foot)
    -1 Bigha = 72900 sq.ft.
  • How much Ropani equals 1 bigha? (Bigha to Ropani)
    -1 Bigha = 13.31 Ropani

Nepali Land Measurement system for mountain and hills region: 
Conversions for Mountainous and Hilly Region units into other local and international units:

Unit In Square Metres In Square Feets
1 Dam 1.99 square meters 21.39 square feet
1 Paisa 7.95 square meters 85.56 square feet
1 Ana 31.80 square meters 342.25 square feet
1 Ropani 508.74 square meters 5476 square feet

Nepali Land Measurement system for Terai Region :

Conversions of Terai customary units into international and standard units:

Unit In Square Metres In Square Feets
1 Dhur 16.93 square meters 182.25 square feet
1 Katha 338.62 square meters 3,645 square feet
1 Bigha 6772.41 square meters 72,900 square feet

In the Terai region, the southern parts of Nepal, the customary land measurement units are similar to the units of measurement which are used elsewhere in South Asia including Nepal, India, Bangladesh, etc. But as there is no standardization there may be slight differences between international standard units with local units of all these countries.

  • 1 Bigha = 400 Kattha
  • 1 Ropani = 74 feet × 74 feet
  • 1 Bigha = 13 Ropani
  • 1 Kattha = 442 square yards
  • 1 Kattha = 338 square meters

In Nepal, where a Bigha is about 6,772.63 square meters and is the largest unit of measurement for the area of land. Officially, most measurements of land use units of either Bigha in the Terai region or Ropani in Hilly regions.

Measurement of the area in terms of Ropani:

  • 1 Ropani = 16 Aana
  • 1 Ropani = 508.72 m²
  • 1 Ropani = 5476 sq. ft
  • 1 Ropani = 4 Matomuri
  • 1 Ropani = 256 Daam
  • 25 Ropani = 1 Khetmuri
  • 1 Ropani = 64 Paisa

Measurement of Aana in terms of other units:

  • 1 Aana = 4 paisa
  • 1 Aana = 31.80 m²
  • 1 Aana = 342.25 sq.ft

Measurement of Paisa in terms of other units:

  • 1 Paisa = 4 Daam
  • 1 Paisa = 95 m²
  • 1 Paisa = 85.56 sq.ft

Measured of Daam in other units:

  • 1 Daam = 99 m²
  • 1 Daam = 21.39 sq.ft

Below are some of the most used and searched conversion rates of different land measurement units of Nepal. We tried to cover almost all popular conversion units used in different regions of Nepal, international units, SI units and other common units around the world.

Area Conversion Table

1 Dhur = 2.1296 paisa
1 Aana= 1.8777 dhur
1 Ropani = 1.5023 kattha
1 Hectare= 2.4711 acre
1 Kattha (कठ्ठा) = 20 Dhur (धुर)
1 Kattha (कठ्ठा) = 338.63 m²
1 Kattha (कठ्ठा) = 3645 sq.ft.
1 Dhur (धुर) = 16.93 m²
1 Dhur (धुर) = 182.25 sq.ft.
1 Ropani (रोपनी)= 16 aana
1 Ropani (रोपनी)= 64 Paisa
1 Ropani (रोपनी)= 508.72 m²
1 Ropani (रोपनी)= 5476 sq.ft.
1 Ropani (रोपनी)= 256 Daam (दाम)
1 Ropani = 4 Matomuri
1 Khetmuri = 25 Ropani
1 Aana (आना)= 4 Paisa (पैसा)
1 Aana (आना)= 31.80 m²
1 Aana (आना) = 342.25 sq. ft.
1 Aana (आना) = 16 Daam (दाम)
1 Paisa (पैसा) = 4 Daam (दाम)
1 Paisa (पैसा) = 7.95 m²
1 Paisa (पैसा) = 85.56 sq. ft.
1 Daam (दाम) = 1.99 m²
1 Daam (दाम) = 21.39 sq. ft.
1 Haat = 1.5 ft.
1 Bigha = 20 Biswa
1 Bigha = 0.677263 hectare
1 Bigha = 1.6735 acre
1 Bigha = 13.3126 Ropani
1.5 Bigha = 1 Hectare
1 Hectare = 19.965 Ropani
19.965 Ropani = 1 Hectare
1 Ropani = 508.83771 m²
1 Daam (दाम) = 4 llka

Length Conversion Table

The kosh is a very ancient measure of distance which measures about 2.25 miles or 3.7 km and many other measurement system and units conversion are listed below:

  • 1 angul = approx. 0.75 inch
  • 1 dharnugrah (bow grip) = 3 in
  • 1 dharnugrah = 4 angul
  • 1 dhanurmushti (fist with thumb raised) = 6 in
  • 1 Dahnurmushti = 8 angul
  • 1 vitastaa (span) = 9 in
  • 1 vitastaa = 12 angul
  • 2 vittaa (cubit) = 18 in
  • 4 haath = 1 dand or dhanush (bow)
  • 1 sand = 6 ft
  • 2000 dand = 1 kosh
  • 1 Gorut = 4000 yards
  • 1 Gorut = 2.25 miles
  • 4 kosh = 1 yojan
  • 1 yojan = 9 miles
  • 1 yojan = 14.48 km
  • 1 Haath = 1.5 ft.

Nepali Land Measurement Conversion tool to convert different units of measurement with other popular local and international measurement units. Our conversion tool also supports length and area conversion for converting local units into different local and standard international units used in Nepal.