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This is the era of science and technology. Daily thousands of blogs and website are being created and launched. Last few years the personal blogs been growing up rapidly. To be rank up in high there is competition between the social sites, news site, and search engine. This year some new sites have ranked in top ten whereas the top social sites Facebook and Twitter had been ranked down the comparison to the last year. Here are the list of top 10 most popular sites ranked by Alexa.

Most Popular Sites of 2016

  • Google: Google has started service since 4th September 1998. The founder of the Google is Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google is widely one of the most popular sites for the search engine besides this Gmail, news, cloud, Advertisement, software are the other services provided by Google.
  • YouTube: video sharing site YouTube has launched its service on 14th February 2005. This year it has been ranked in the 2nd place as per the Alexa. You can upload your video to the site. It is also the best way of earning for the video bloggers. Most of the people also take YouTube a learning platform.
  • Facebook: Facebook has started its service from 4th February 2004. Last year the popular social networking site Facebook was in 2nd place but this year it has ranked in the 3rd place. As per the last published record, the Facebook has 1180 million users.

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  • Baidu: It is the most popular site in china. So, it ranks as the 1st place in china and Worldwide it is ranked in 4th place. The Chinese company has launched the site in 18th January 2000.
  • Wikipedia: Last year the Wikipedia was ranked in 7th place but this year it has jumped to the 5th place. The founder of Wikipedia is Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. They launched the site in 15th January 2001.
  • Yahoo: Yahoo has been in the 6th position as it had in the last year. Jerry Yang and David Filo had founded the company in January 1994. News, mail, finance, sports, flicker, search, answers are the other services by Yahoo.

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  • is the Indian site of Google. It is ranked as the first place in India and in 7th place worldwide.
  • Amazon: Amazon is the largest Internet-based retailer company which was founded on July 5, 1994, by Jeff Bezos. Last year the site was ranked in the 5th place but this year it has dropped down to the 8 place.
  • QQ: The Chinese site QQ had been in the 9th place this year. The site was launched in 1998. The services provided by QQ are the messenger, game, mail, search engine and media.
  • Taobao: Taobao is the Japanese site by Alibaba group which was launched in 2003. The site is ranked in 10th place worldwide and 1st place in Japan.

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