How to Lock Private Photos And Videos on Mobile

How to lock private photos and videos on mobile? How can you be one step ahead to save your privacy from being compromised? Lock your private photos and videos on mobile so that no body can access your personal stuff with ease. For both Android and iPhone, there are a number of apps which can help you hide photos and videos with ease. Read on to find out about the apps that can be used to hide your private media on mobile.

Best Apps to Lock Private Photos And Videos

  1. Hide Photos in Photo Locker

Hide Photos in Photo Locker is a perfect app that securely and conveniently helps you lock private photos and videos on mobile if you have sensitive stuff on your mobile which you do not want to see, then use the convenient Photo Locker. It is the hidden gallery app to hide photos on Android. The photo locker app used a Photo Locker app to hide the sensitive photos and videos, which is accessible via a secret PIN code. The key features of this app used to lock private photos and videos on mobile are:

  • Encryption: the secret photos of your phone are not only moved to a secured location but are also encrypted using 128 bit AES encryption. Even if someone manages to steal your SD card, the locked photos will remain un-viewable.
  • Easy un-hide: If you want to access your photos or look at them, the un-hide action of the app is easy to carry out too. You can easily decide where the un-hidden photos go to.
  • Lightweight and User-friendly: the operations of this perfect app to lock private photos and videos on mobile, are easy to carry out and user field. The interface is light weight and the Photo Locker hides media files with ease.
  • PIN recovery: Forgot your PIN? The optional PIN recovery feature can be utilized to recover the PIN code if you happen to lose your precious files. The app will email the PIN to you if you forget the PIN code.
  • Fast hide: choose a bulk of photos and hide them safely using the bulk hide feature.
  • Tablet optimized: the UI of the Photo Locker has been designed by keeping in mind the tablets. It thus provides viewing pleasure for both Android phones as well as tablets.
  • Multi-touch: the multitouch feature allows you to zoom in and out of photos with ease. Also, the original resolution of the picture is not scaled down.
  • Slideshow: the app also has a slideshow viewing mode, with customizable delay settings.
  • Folder level locking: this is another cool feature of the Photo Locker app. You can simply select photo albums and lock or unlock it with ease.
  • Rotate hidden pictures: you can also easily rotate hidden pictures left and right.
  • Recent app list: you can also easily remove the Photo Locker App from the recent apps list.
  • Stealth mode: the cool stealth mode allows you to hide the app itself. The app will disappear from the app drawer and you can dial the secret pin code to access the app.
  • Ad free viewing experience: the viewing experience is ad-free, and this is the perfect solution to all ad related problems of vault apps.

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  1. Hide Something- Photo, Video

Hide something is a photo and video hiding app that can help you secure your sensitive photos with ease. It is the easiest and the highest rated hiding tool that easily helps you hide your pictures and videos with ease. The features of Hide Something app include:

  • Full control of who sees what.
  • The public gallery remains available to your friends but the hidden images will be saved for yourself.
  • Share photos and videos with ease, and hand over your cell phones to other people with no worry.
  • Customize visible folders and show different photos to different people.
  • Fingerprint, Pattern or PIN Lock features are available.
  • Directly hide files by using Share option.
  • Browse the invisible photos in a desktop browser with ease.
  • Backup the hidden files to Google Drive.
  • Advanced image viewer displays details of pixel level.
  • GIF support and beautiful themes.
  • Does not show up in the recently used apps list.
  • The app can support both mobile phones and tablets.
  • Another cool feature is the Fake Mode which can help protect privacy for unexpected checks.
  • Sharing your locked photos and videos is easy.
  • Online help is available to help you phase out issues related to the app.

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  1. Gallery Vault- Hide Pictures and Videos

The fantastic privacy protection app to lock photos and videos on mobile is the Gallery Vault. The app can hide its app icon and keep privacy safe. Import private images and videos in this vault and nobody know the existence of the app. The beautiful design and smooth media experience of GalleryVault have the following features:

  • Fingerprint support is the main feature of this app.
  • Hide photos, videos and any other type of files for free.
  • All hidden files are not just moved to another location but are also encrypted.
  • The user experience is beautiful, elegant and smooth.
  • Storage is not limited and you can hide as many photos and videos as you want.
  • The app also supports hiding the icon, and the existence of the Gallery Vault will be known by no-one but you.
  • Hide files in SD card and move the encrypted files to the SD card.
  • To close Gallery Vault in a hurry, you can easily shake your phone.
  • Play and hide GIF images.
  • Hide files in SD card and move encrypted files to SD card.
  • Fake password and show fake content is another feature that you can use to hide photos from unwanted people.
  • Break-in alerts help you known who is trying to break in.

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