Features of iPhone 8 – Coming in 2017

As we have seen the iPhone 7 has dramatically improved the user’s experience. The advanced new camera, the performance, battery life, impressive stereo speakers, water resistance are some of the most popular features that made the iPhone 7 different than other smartphones. We can still see the craze of the phone. People have expected the feature wireless charging in iPhone 7 but it made the users a little sad as it launched without it. The next feature that made the users confuse was the phone without a headphone jack. Anyway, it was the phone of the new generation and a new technology.  It’s not the long time since Apple’s iPhone 7 has been launched. The people are expecting more new from the Apple so without delay the apple is going to launch it’s New, amazing and upgraded product iPhone 8.

As per the most popular blog macrumors.com it is going to launch the most waited for smartphone iPhone 8 in 8th September. The important matter about this year 2017 is that it’s the 10th anniversary of the company. people are expecting a more than of the other time. Wish the upcoming Smartphone iPhone 8 will cover up all the desired features for this generation. Let’s talk about the new features that the new phone would hold.

iPhone 8 – Coming in 2017

  • Display

As we have seen the model Samsung galaxy s7 Edge with the edge to edge display and flexible curved display. As per the market rumors, the iPhone 8 may be the adding an edge-to-edge display in the current Iphone7. It seems it will be the new taste for the users experiencing new wireless charger, edge to edge display and much more features. Rumors have suggested that 5.5-inch display will be the perfect but adding for edge-to-edge OLED display it may be a little larger. The display will not be LED but you can experience the Flexible plastic OLED which consumes less battery and able to view clearly.

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  • Glass body

as per the market rumors, the iPhone is coming with a glass body giving up the aluminum style. Apple is again adopting the same (updated style) glass body which was used in iPhone 4 but Later on the other versions of iPhone in 5, 5s, 6 and 6s were using aluminum bodies. As per the Apple supplier Catcher Technology, the glass will be built around the stainless steel frame.

Comparison to the iPhone 7 the upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to be more water resistant. The iPhone 7 is rated iP67 whereas iPhone 8 rated IP68 as the galaxy s7 do. The apple is going to use A11 chip built on a 10-nanometer process which seems more faster and more energy efficient.

As the Samsung have NAND flash memory the iPhone 8 is expected to include it. But it’s not clear that what would its improvement. It also seems that it is increasing the storage option which increases the cost of iPhone 8.The phone is expected to cost more than $1,000 as per the roundup timetable.

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Siri feature will be enhanced but it does not clearly mention what would the site able to do. Siri seems one of the unique features of the phone which was included from the very beginning.

A glance at the Features of iPhone 8:

A radical redesign is going to be with iphone8 probably with the different name. The features added or modified than the previous versions are: Glass body and edge-to-edge OLED display, advanced biometric features, Facial Recognition System, Iris Scanner, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, wireless charger, 3D TOUCH, water resistance and front-facing camera.

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