iPhone 7 Review, Best Features of It

Apple Inc has recently launched the most awaited iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The technical specifications and hardware in the iPhone prove the popular and best phone ever. Let’s talk about Apple’s most recently launched the phone.

Best Features of iPhone 7

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Touch Home button

One of the most desired features by the users of the iPhone 7 is the implementation of a new Home button. The home bottom is different than the previous feature the touch integrated into the housing makes the phone safe from water resist as well as protection from dust.

Dual camera

The camera with dual lens system is one of the most remarkable points of iPhone 7 which has never seen in the other phones. This dual camera feature will allow the users to enjoy the great feature.

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Laser autofocus

The unique feature Laser autofocus offers the user to capture the photograph more master and in the better way. The phone automatically detects the elements and capture image by auto controlling aperture and shutter speed.

Bluetooth AirPods

For iPhone headphones, Apple had introduced a Bluetooth connection Ear Pods removing 3.5 mm jack which can be a little different for the users.

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Wireless charging

Wireless charging is also the next generation tech which allows the users to buy it. People think that how to charge while using Airports the wireless charger seems the most practical at that time.

iPhone 7 most remarkable feature till now are the gorgeous Design, the battery life ever, water resistance, Wireless charging, stereo speakers, faster processor.

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