WiFi Security: How to see who is stealing your WiFi?

The slow WiFi connection that you are experiencing right now might be because someone is stealing your WiFi. You might have automatically cursed your ISP for the poor connection you have experienced, however, in some cases; it might be the fault of someone who is stealing your WiFi connection. How can you see who is stealing your WiFi? How can you keep an eye on your precious bandwidth? Read on to find out.

Who is stealing your precious WiFi?

Install an app called Fing. The Fing app is easily available on the Google Play Store. The app needs to be connected to the network that you wish to monitor. Open the app and the network you are connected to will be shown on the User Interface of the app.

The app will also showcase the Refresh and Settings buttons. Tap on refresh if you do not see any devices. The list of all devices currently connected to your network will be shown in the app. It will also let you know if a smartphone or a PC is connected to your network.

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The interesting thing about this app is, that it does not only help you see who is stealing your WiFi but also lets you block them from the network. You can simply check if there is a suspicious device that is hogging up all the bandwidth. The devices IP address, Mac address, and vendor can be seen on the interface of the app.

The Fing app can also help you prevent a device from ever being connected to the network. You can see the MAC address of all devices connected to the network.The MAC address appears in the XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX format. Note down the Mac address of the device that you find suspicious.

Now, you will need to access the router’s settings through the use of a computer connected to the router. Block the Mac address that you have just noted down. This option is included under the Security tab of the Router’s settings.

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Enter the MAC and enable the option of MAC Address filtering. This will eliminate stealing of your WiFi and ensure that your connection is smooth and hassle free. For saving your WiFi connection from being stolen, make it a point to change your WiFi password into something stronger, including a set of numeric codes and characters. Learn who is stealing your WiFi, block them from accessing your network and enjoy hassle free internet with the use of the Fing app.

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