Best 5 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Every girl wishes to have long, gorgeous hair. It is also said the girl with black, long and gorgeous hair becomes luck in most of the time. If you have also got a short hair and wondering How to make your hair grow faster? Then we have some of the great tips that will surely help you. We have collected these tips from the great hair experts to make your hair grow faster.

There is scientifically proven that the hair grows ¼ to ½ of an inch every month. You can do the increase on the hair by caring and improving in healthiness behavior. For long and luscious hair you can go through the below points.

Five Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

1) Use hair mask

The most important matter to do after hair grows is its good caring. So, many of the ladies trim their hair to get rid of split ends. It is always recommended to do Hair mask which is so far better than trimming. Using mask over the hair makes it shinier, healthier and beautiful too.
For the hair, mask process takes an egg yolk, a teaspoon honey, a teaspoon of olive oil and mix them. Massage your hair with the mixture. Leave it for thirty minutes and take a bath you will get the result.

2) Eat protein

The hair also speaks, if you do not believe just watch to your hair in the mirror. If the hair is too weak that they are telling you to change your eating habits. You must take more proteins. As we know proteins are body building foods, for your hair to grow you must eat foods that are rich in protein.

3) Massage your scalp

Every time you take a shampoo in the hair massage the scalp. Do it gently round the head. This will help to stimulate the blood flow in the head which is very helpful for the hair to grow faster.

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4) Care your hair while sleeping too

You are wondering that how to care the hair while sleeping but it is possible by making the loose lock of the hair.The tight lock or tight braid don’t let your hair grow efficiently. It is better to use silk pillowcase while sleeping because it seems too kind for your hair.

5) Try overnight castor oil hair treatment.

Using overnight castor oil in the hair will provide you astonishing and wonderful effects. Just massage your hair with the castor oil before bed, leave it on overnight and wash in the morning. If you follow the same routine 2 to 3 times a week you will find the best result in the hair.

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