How to Connect WiFi on Smartphone Through Apps

Nowadays the Internet has been common and most demanding communication facilities used my almost everyone across the world. We know WiFi network has become very common these days but it is hard to get. Simply we can say it is hard to get into the security panel of the WiFi network and get the pin or password to be connected to it. If you feel the same then this article will surely help you because here we are going to share how to connect WiFi password through Android apps.

It is easy to get the password by using Android app available these days free of cost in play store. From this article, you will be able to connect to the WiFi password and can easily surf the internet on your smartphone. you want. We are going to discuss on best 5 apps to connect WiFi password.

Best 5 Apps to connect WiFi Password

1. WiFi H@cker:

If you want to look smart in front of your friend by h@cking some WiFi password in front of then you can use this app for free. This is one of the perfect Android WiFi h@cking apps that is easy to use and fast to generate. You will be able to break any WiFi password by using this app on your android phone.

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2. AndroDumpper (WPS Connect)

One of the most preferred and widely used apps which provide you about 3-5 pin code of WiFi router which you are targeting to connect. This app helps you to try to connect to the WPS enabled WiFi routers nearby your Android phone. This app contains about 50000+ pin code which will be useful to help you to connect with WPS enable WiFi routers and makes you easy to connect to the internet near your zone. So, if you are looking for an Android app that can easily break WiFi passwords then this app will be the best.

3. WiFi Password Recover

This app helps you to crack the WiFi to recover your WiFi default password and the purpose of this application is to audit the secure wireless network and recover the lost default key of our WiFi network.

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4. WiFi Password Unlocker:

One of the greatest Android application that will help you to h@ck any WiFi Network which will easily simulate h@cking into any WiFi networks around your zone. When you open this app you will be provided with a little option area where you can refresh the WiFi list and choose the WiFi which you want to h@ck.

5. WiFi Password Viewer

This is also most recommended application used in the Android phone which helps the Android user to easily view the WiFi password of the selected WiFi network. You can see the WiFi password which you cannot see in device default setting so this app is really useful and easy to use.

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