How to Change Facebook Password? Follow 3 Easy Steps

Facebook is the largest social network from where we can free call, send the message, upload and share photos. Beside this Facebook is also a business platform from where you can promote your business worldwide. If you are using Facebook then you can search in the search box that you can find many business offices as well as the online business partner promoting their products in Facebook pages. As you lock your home door before you leave the home, like that you must also lock your Facebook id because someone may enter to your account and your privacy may be no longer. So, to maintain the account’s security you must keep your Facebook password strong. If you have compromised with your Facebook password just follow these steps and keep your Facebook secured.

3 Steps to change facebook password

  • Log into your Facebook Using the Current Password

Once you login to your Facebook, just look to the top right side of the site you will find the setting icon click to it.

  • Go to Your “Settings” Page

After Clicking on the “Settings” option you will navigate to the next page. In this General account setting page, Look in the password column which is in the fourth option panel, You will find dots which refer to your current password.

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  • Change Your Password

After clicking on the Edit option, you have to enter your current password, and then create your new one. While making the password choose the strong one, so that your Facebook account will be more secure.

Keep in mind that to make your password strong don’t use your name, friends name or date of birth. To make your password strong use combined letter of upper case, lower case, Numerical, and symbols.

This the way in case you want to change the password. If you have forgotten your password and want to change it just go to the Facebook homepage and enter your email id or phone number.

After then click the option forget the password. The site asks the user to retrieve the email that you have been using the Facebook. Once you put the email and enter; you will get the link of Facebook in your email. Just log in to your email click the link and change the password.

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