Tips For Filing A Car Insurance Claim

Car insurance provides the safety of your vehicle whenever your car meets the accident. It may damage your car or you may damage of others. To get the reimbursement from the insurance company you need to file a report to the car insurance company. The claim covers the area of medical expenses, vehicles repairs and stolen off the property. You can scroll down to get the Tips for Filing a Car Insurance Claim.

When to File a car insurance Claim

You can claim for the file report for these possible matters.

  • Deliberately destroy.
  • Stolen from your vehicles.
  • Damage from fire or others.

If you have above matters with your car you can inform the auto insurance agents or insurance company. You can find their contact number in the policy card.

Details You’ll Need to file a claim

While contacting to the auto insurance agents to file the report you must have to provide the following details:

  • Insurance holder Full name and policy number.
  • The start and the last date of the policy
  • Time and the date of the incident that harms your vehicles.
  • Driver License and license plate number.
  • The name, address and the phone number of the witness ( the witness may be the passengers, drivers and the people around the location)

The insurance company may require the additional proves. So, it is better to take the photograph of the harm after the incident. Notice the timing, weather condition at the time of an accident that may be required at the time of claim.

Basic steps for the car insurance claim

Once you file the report about the incident to the car insurance company, the action will go in these 5 basic steps.

  1. Case assignment: As the file is reported in the system the insurance company will start working on a file report.
  2. Meeting: A professional from the insurance company discuss your coverage’s ,the situation and other matters related to your vehicles.
  3. Evaluation: After inspecting your car, injury claims and examining evidence by the professional your claim will be evaluated.
  4. Resolution of the case: The payments are provided.
  5. The closing of the case.

We are responsible for protecting our property. Although we have car insurance we may be waiting for the repairs due to the internal reasons for the insurance company. Be sure that we needn’t make permanent repairs before the insurance companies approved for the reimbursed. Don’t forget to keep the receipts of the medical treatments for bodily injury claims.

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