5 Health Benefits of Blood Donation

A spider bite has tended a man to be a Spiderman who had helped the people around the world for the betterment of the mankind. This is only a movie script. You can also be a real hero more than a Spiderman. Only you must bear a small needle prick and your little time. Yes, I am talking about the blood donation.

Your blood can save much life. The old myth had made the people confusing that the blood donation is bad for health but the science had already proved that blood donation doesn’t harm you but it has so many benefits and humanitarians gains. Just go through these beneficial points for more info:

Health Benefits of Blood Donation

1. Saves Human Lives

Donating blood is being a hero. Every time we donate a blood we are saving 3-4 individuals. The joy of saving the life that you can never compare with something else. There is no substitute for human blood so donate the blood that may be useful for you too.

The blood you donate are categorized after medical treatment and provided it to the requirement area. (The charges may apply for the recipients for different purpose but not for the blood).

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2. Free Health Check-up

Before every donation process, the medical health check up is performed free of cost. This is also a great benefit for you. For example, if you know that your blood pressure is abnormalities at the pre time of donation, you can go for further check up in the early stage which will protect you from further risk. Although the check up before the donation are normal but you can know the basic details about your health.

3. Blood donation helps us to reduces the risk of Heart Disease

Iron is also an essential element for our body but the level of the iron must be managed otherwise excessive iron causes oxidative damage, as a result, we face heart disease, strokes, and aging etc. The blood donation helps us to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

4. Burns Calories

Blood can be safely donated 2- 3 times a year depending upon the health status, iron level in blood and level of hemoglobin. A time you donate blood you are losing 650 kcal, so blood donation also you to lose weight.

5. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

The high level of iron has been implicated in cancer. Although more research is going on the topic but there is no doubt that blood donation reduces the risk of cancer.

We think that we have erased the doubt about blood donations in your mind. Don’t run before the myth concepts. If possible let’s donate the blood and save lives, the happiness is in saving others.

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