How to Block a Number on the Smartphone

The technology has made us communicate with our relatives easily and quickly. There is no doubt that the mobile phones are the close friend of a man nowadays. A Smartphone is a calculator, dictionary, light, watch and much more besides calling the function. We use the mobile for calling others. Some people make irritate calling again and again. It is not possible to switch the phone to get rid of the call. To block that special number you can follow these methods. These methods are proven by the experts who has been studying about the smartphone solution.

How to Block a Number on the Smartphone?

  • Method 1

Block the Number from the setting panel

Especially in the iPhones 6 and 7, you can find the block option in Setting options. Go to Settings, click on the Phone tab. look for the Blocked option and add the number you liked to add to the block list.

In normal phones, you can find the block calls in the calling panel. opening the contact list you can block the number by choosing the block option at the end of the contact list.

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  • Method 2

Contacting Your Carrier

to block any number using this method, first of all, you must know the carrier that you are using. For the people who are using iPhone 6 and above, you can block the number by following these steps.

  • Go to setting panel
  • You find the carrier page in the setting option
  • Go to contact us page
  • Request the carrier to block the number

you can log into the carrier page and do the setting for blocking the call. Normally you can block 50 calls.

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  • Method 3

Installing 3rd party apps

All the default apps are not enough for us. to block the call This method is also widely popular. Most of the people do not know that they have default feature for call blocking. so they install the third party apps. Some people like to install the apps due to the easy interface too.

Any way to install the app you can move to Google play store for android and App store for iPhone users, search for call blocking and install them. After opening the app it allows you to choose the desired number that you wish to block. Normally you can add 50 calls (depends upon the mobile too) to your list.

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Blocking calls has made us rid of unwanted calls. Install the app and enjoy calling without boundless.

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