Best Pet Insurance Companies in The World

All we love the pets. The pets are also the member of our family. In the developed countries like USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada and Australia more than 90% of the people has purchased the pet insurance. As the people falls ill, the pets do. To cover the entire bill at pet’s illness, accident or emergency care pet insurance is essential for the pet lovers. If you are also planning for the pet insurance here are the top insurance companies that they can satisfy with their service.

Best pet insurance companies

1. Health Paws

The pet insurance company Healthy Paws has remained in the 1 ranked since last 4 years. The excellent accident & illness coverage has made the company to rule of the top place in the sector of insurance. The other services of the company are Pre-Existing Conditions, Preventative Care, vaccinations, breeding, whelping, and queening, unlimited lifetime benefits etc.

The Healthy Paws Insurance & Foundation established in 2009.The 2 founders of the company are Rob Jackson and Steve Siadek. The headquarter of the company is in Seattle, Washington.

2. Petplan Pet insurance

The insurance company Petplan has been the second option to the pet lovers. The Flexible annual reimbursement, one of the unique features of the company had made it popular in the insurance market. The another feature of the company is Annual Deductible from $100-$1,000, 24/7 health care service, paperless claim reimbursement Via mobile apps. The main office of Petplan Insurance Agency is in California.

3. Embrace pet insurance

Embrace pet insurance is associated with North American Pet Health Association. If your pet has an Illness or Accident you can Use Any Vet in Canada and USA. The rapid service of the policy has made it popular among the pet’s master. The other features of the insurance company are Diagnostic testing and imaging, ER & specialist care, Prescription Drug Coverage, Surgery, hospitalization, and nursing care etc . The company office is in Richmond Road.

4. Nationwide Pet insurance

The Nationwide Pet insurance is the First and largest pet insurer in the US. The Whole Pet & Wellness Plan covers had made it most popular among the masters. Most of the companies only offer the insurance for the pet but you can purchase the insurance for Bird or exotic pet too. The Broadest coverage has made the company to be the largest insurer in the US. The main office of this insurance company is in Brea, California.

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