Best Gym Machines to Reduce Your Weight

Many people join the gym and perform many sorts of workout in order to reduce their weight and to burn their calories. They want to be physically healthy and attractive. To reduce your weight by using gym machines you should first start burning up your body calories than you are consuming so that you can achieve an attractive shape of your body. Aerobic workouts are such workouts which increase your heart rate which is effective ways of burning calories. If you like to reduce your calories indoor there are many gym Machines which are used. Some of them are.

4 Best Gym Machines  to Reduce Your Weight

1. Treadmill

They are the best home exercise and workout equipment in order to reduce weight. They help to move each and every part of the body so are well-rounded means of exercise which innovates your whole body and stimulate the running and walking exercise. It also helps you to burn a lot of calories from our body. Normally a treadmill burns 300-450 calories per hour when you are walking on it but when you run on it, it will burn about 700-1200 calories per hour.

2. Cycling bike

The cycling bike is one of the best gym machines. While bicycling a great amount of calorie is burnt because more amount of energy is used from the big muscles of the legs during the pedaling motion of the bicycle. The stationary cycle is quite easy because they are fixed and the user can use and pedal it as his choice so it is the comfortable machine to exercise on. A person using it can burn 500-1000 calories per hour while using it with normal speed and when the speed is increased than 800-1300 calories can be burnt per hour. In order to burn your calories, you have to use it correctly.

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3. Indo- row Rowing Machine

One of the best exercising machine that helps in the movement and utilization of almost 80% or the muscles of our body. It increases your heart beat and also helps in actual rowing exercise and burns calories quickly. It helps to burn about 1000 calories per hour by the movement of the great upper and lower part of bodies. This machine can affect your back part if you are the quiet new user of this equipment so you have to use it carefully and wisely.

4. Stepmill By Stairmaster

One of the hardest machines to use is step mill which are fast moving and they challenge you to climb steps while they are moving. They are made in such a way that your body have to work against gravity and thus more amount of calories are burnt within less interval of time. This machine demands you to take your foot off the machine and again replant it on the same position which produces extra motion demand with your body parts and your brain so it easily burns the calories of our body. It can burn up to 400-500 calories per hour. In order to reduce more amount of calories you can lift 1-2 dumbbells in both hands while climbing the machine.

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