Best 3 Email Tracking Applications – Know When Emails Are Opened

Want to know where your email has reached after you click send? Want to track your email, website, and documents? Do you want to increase your sales revenue and analyze whether your emails are being looked at and you links are being clicked? Worry no more as we present to you, the best three email tracking applications in the world. Track your emails with the use of these easy to use applications, and you are surely set to improve your work and analytic power.

Best Email Tracking applications

  1. Yesware

Yesware is an email tracking application that uses prescriptive analysis or your data. The 28 day free trial of the software allows you to do more than just track emails. Email tracking is a perfect feature of the software that helps you know who opens your emails and clicks on the links.  You can also spend less time on creating your email to perfection, by writing with insertable templates.

Say goodbye to data entry of a manual form as this best email tracking application also syncs with Gmail or Outlook. There is also a huge number of time-saving tools that will certainly help your business expand exponentially. Data insights and analysis will help you discover what is going wrong at which point, allowing you to plan and make decisions more effectively.

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  1. Mailtrack

Mailtrack is another cool software that falls on the list of the best 3 email tracking applications. This is an email tracking tool for Gmail as well as for Google inbox. The software helps you track your emails and know when the emails have been opened, all in real time scenarios.

The application is used by Yahoo, Groupon, Randstad, and BBVA and has been trusted by over 600 thousand people all over the world. The email tracking tool helps you known when the emails have been opened and help you formulate strategies to make your products and links reach a larger audience in less time.

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  1. Toutapp

Toutapp is another cool application that falls on the list of the best 3 email tracking apps. The application, however, does more than just that. Toutapp helps generate revenue faster and in a better manner by offering data analysis. The app can be used for each stage of the sales cycle by increasing your pipeline and driving productivity. Using this application, you were easily and accurately manage and forecast all aspects and processes.

Email, document and website tracking along with the feature of high availability email, has made the app as the go-to destination for sales people throughout the world. The integrated templates and content are surely a time-saving blessing, while automated campaigns help bring in more customers and improve sales. The application is integrated with Outlook, Gmail, Exchange, and CRM. Unparalleled reports and insights analyze calls, calendar events, emails and CRM data.

Download one of the best three email tracking applications and increase your productivity and sales with ease.

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