Can Nepal have Dual Citizenship? What is the nationality of Nepal?

What is the nationality of Nepal? Many people know Nepal as being the country of Lord Buddha and the country with the highest peak in the world. However, less number of people might know the dual citizenship and other details about this beautiful country.

What is the nationality of Nepal?

The nationality of Nepal is Nepalese. Nepalese people are the Indo-Aryan and Sino-Tibetan citizens. These people living in Nepal are called Nepalese under the Nepali nationality law. People of Nepal do not equate their nationality with ethnicity. Nationality is equated to citizenship and allegiance as this beautiful country is home to people of many national origins. Nepalese people are the migrants from India, Burma, Tibet, and Yunnan. This country is a multicultural and multiethnic country.

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Can Nepal have dual citizenship?

The best answer to this question can be given by giving some background information about if it is possible to have dual citizenship in Nepal.

Firstly, Constituent Assembly of Nepal is currently in the process to draft a constitution. The main objective of NRN is to give recognition to the dual citizenship of the people who are living abroad. It is deemed probable that the government of Nepal will issue a PNO card to non-resident Nepalese living abroad.

The Government of India has also granted the opportunity to obtain an Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI). It is the dual citizenship for people of Nepal and India. Residents of India, who have migrated from India and have acquired citizenship of a foreign country, are eligible to obtain the OCI. It is however required that the foreign country allows dual citizenship in some form or the other.

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In the Nepali immigration fraternity,  if you have a dual nationality, then you cannot own property in Nepal. In this current situation, Nepal does not allow the grant of dual citizenship. You will either have to renounce foreign nationality and keep the Nepalese nationality. You can also renounce the Nepalese nationality and keep the foreign nationality. If you happen to reveal both the citizenships in the Immigration sector, you will be breaching the law of Nepal and will have to face the consequences.

This situation is however on the verge of change. The NRN campaign is set to change something in the next Constitution of Nepal. If dual nationality will be permitted in the constitution of Nepal, then there will not be any problem to reveal it. In the present context, however, Nepalese cannot have dual citizenship.

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